10 Things I love about ME

10 Things

  • 1. I am witty
  • 2. I know how to laugh
  • 3. I have a big heart
  • 4. I am open minded
  • 5. I am fun to be with
  • 6. I am interesting
  • 7. I have pretty eyes
  • 8. I have style
  • 9. I have an imagination
  • 10. Not afraid to try new things

Ten things I love about me is something that I thought you would benefit from.  Try it yourself write down 10 things you love about yourself.  If you can do this then you are doing ok.  Sometimes we forget what is great about us because of the black cloud hanging over our heads all the time.  It is in the media, at work, in life.  All we tend to think is I am overweight, and nothing else matters after that.  When ever I feel down and feel like I am falling into that trap I write a few things that I like about myself.  It helps me to be positive and how ever hard it is to get away from, you have to try because no one out there that is negative about you will give you a break. 

Only you can do this, and if you do it often enough it actually starts working.  You start to smile in the morning again and when you think you can’t do something you think back on the things that you are good at and then start to realise that you can do what ever you want.

Someone very dear to me always says positive things to me, like every email sent starts with and I quote “Hello cute one” or “Hi beautiful woman” and for those brief moments I do feel good about myself.  She has always encouraged me to write and do something with my writing.  I finally am doing that.  It was her encouragement that led to my doing this website.  If you are lucky enough like me to have someone special that will be a positive force in your life, then you are truly blessed.So try to find that one person to be your compass, to find you’re way to loving yourself and to give you the inspiration to be creative and smile and be happy.  And please do try the 10 things I love about myself, keep a diary and refer to it when you are feeling down and out.

Published by Katlyplus

My Name is Katly and I run my own https://en.gravatar.com/profiles/edit#plus size clothing and accessories store and also offer sewing classes and hemming service. I love to sew and challenge myself with different projects.

3 thoughts on “10 Things I love about ME

  1. What a wicked post!

    Okay – I thought I’d tell you ten things I love about me

    1. I’m way cute 🙂

    2. I’m extremely loyal

    3. I don’t take crap (well, not much anyway)

    4. I hilary-ass

    5. I’m redonkulous

    6. I can be gentle

    7. I’m a pretty decent mum (this one surprised me)

    8. I’m a ratfink mum 😉

    9. I have the coolest family

    10. I’m annoying (yep, I like that about myself)


  2. Fun!
    I am a big believer in positive thinking leading to positive results. I’m slowly learning that surrounding myself with positive people produces much happiness.

    So…my turn!

    1. I look for the best in everyone.

    2. I have a butt you can bounce a quarter off of (haha).

    3. I’m very considerate

    4. I’m a great comforter.

    5. I think I’m generally handsome.

    6. I sing well. (I better with a lifetime of training!!!)

    7. I hug hard and love harder.

    8. I have a quick wit.

    9. I love my broad shoulders (working on the little waist to go with it, HAHA)

    10. I love that I will always hold onto my imagination and enjoy toys, games and sharing that with my life partner who is the same.


  3. Dale that was very cute. You really are a wonderful person I can tell. Don’t worry once you have finished with yourself you will be a HOTTIE – thanks for participating. 🙂


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