Can’t get pregnant – part 2


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I went to see my specialist to find out what I need to do to get pregnant.  My doctor was really good and he basically told me that I need to be getting my period to be able to ovulate and then hopefully fall pregnant.

My doctor has given me medication to bring on my period.  It is called Primolut N.   This drug is basically a progestogen; it has similarities to the female hormone progesterone.  It is used to time the menstruation cycle and to treat failure to bleed regularly. 

Lack of periods, amenorrhea, premenstrual complaints along with estrogen hormone replacement therapy and endometriosis, causes a lining of tissue to grow outside the womb.  By using Primolut N it shrinks the unwanted tissue.

After I get my period I will have to take Clomiphene or known as Clomid tablets.  I then take one tablet from days 5-9 of my cycle.  This drug essentially will stimulate the hormones to ovulate. 

After taking these tablets I will need to go for an ultrasound to verify how many eggs I have and basically see what is going on there.  Then we can take it from there.  Meanwhile my husband has to do a test of his own. 

He needs to get a sperm binding test and unfortunately we can’t get that done till the 30th of April.  So this will slow things down a bit.  Emotionally I am starting to feel the effects of this already and this along with my journey with the Gym it is all just over whelming.  All I do know is that I was born to be a mother and I can’t give up now when I am feeling all over the place at the moment. 

When I was a little girl I used to say that when I grow up I am going to marry the most handsome man in the world and we would have a baby girl.  I knew then what I wanted and I still know what I want. 

My husband and I have already picked out names, if we have a boy he will be called Nicholas and if we have a girl she will be called Isabella.  We decided on those names a few years ago when we started trying.

Here are some useful links from Wellness that may be of interest to you.

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14 thoughts on “Can’t get pregnant – part 2

  1. well my husband and i were trying to get pregnat but nothing i need to check whit my doctor hu we are relly obses because we want a baby relly bad what can i do


  2. Alejandra thank you for your comments, please read my email I sent you to your hotmail account. I have explained more in that email. Stay strong and don’t give up as I haven’t yet. I still believe that one day I will have my baby.


    1. Shay you need to see your doctor and discuss your plan of attack. There are many options and unfortunately they take time. Hang in there ok.


  3. Hi Sam
    Congratulations on your child, still nothing for me, but I am on the pill at the moment and my last month is next month, then I go off them and try to get pregnant – hopefully everything has stabalized my hormones and we will have our little miracle. Thanks for stopping by.


    1. Hi Anitha
      Sometimes you have to go through the unpleasant procedures the doctor puts forward as treatment. It is hard for everyone but if you support one another you can get through it. Please email me what action you have taken so far so I may further assist you.


  4. I havebeen witnessed from two miscrashed.
    And now we are trying to get pregant but it doesnot work evan my monthly circulation is coming what is supposed to come but it comes five to six days early .
    Suggest tips to get pregarnt early


  5. Me and my husband are hoping for a baby. But we don’t take it too be stressful. Many people told me that how to get pregnant fast all lies on how well we can take things slow. Just take everything easy and fun.


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