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I am still going to the Gym and doing ok with that, it is still early days and as this process takes so long you shouldn’t expect miracles.  I am very realistic about it and not setting myself up for a big fall if I should go off the rails, so far so good.

Am taking the Simplicity shakes and they are really good, sweet and you can make smoothies with them?  The way the Simplicity system works is that you would get an allowance of 5000 kilojoules per day.  Then in your book you have what one serving is per item of food, this is broken up into carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, fats and protein. 

Your consultant will give you how many serves of each food group you can have per day and then when you do your menu you will need to write down everyday how many of each food group you actually had.  There are some recipies that will help you do this more effectively.  I’ll do more on these at a later date.

What I like about this is that I can write what I eat and what time.  Check off the number of servings I have each day, tick how many glasses of water I had and write a little about what exercise I did.

This week I had my personal training session.  It was fantastic; I was really pushed into doing what I thought I couldn’t do.  We worked on some machines, did a warm up on a treadmill, did some free weights and weight bar, ending with ABS.  Let me tell you it is Friday and I am still feeling my inner and outer thighs, abs and arms.  I have noticed that my body has already started to change.

When you get this realisation that your body is changing from the exercise you have done it feels great.  My legs are starting to look smoother, my abs are starting to form, even though the fat is still there on the stomach and under chest area, but I swear that my abs are starting to form. 

The only down fall is that due to all the good food and water I am having, plus exercise I have started to break out in pimples everywhere.  It isn’t pleasant however I know it will pass and it is only the toxins coming out of my body.  This is a good thing believe it or not.

My hair is even looker better, my skin will follow soon enough.  When you start to lose weight you do break out.  I feel like this whole thing is working for me and even though my food planning isn’t 100% I also know this is going to take time, planning and preparation before I get this perfect.  I am working on it girls.

Till the next time stay tuned and I will write another post soon.

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