First Scan – Friday 18th April 2008


Photo credit: Porkan Beans

Well it is day 13 of my cycle.  I am feeling still bloated and a little sore.  My scan went ok, they found 2 eggs but they were still a little small.  I am due for another scan on Wednesday.  Hopefully this scan will show that they are big enough to be released.  It has been a very emotional time, the last couple of days after stopping Clomid this is when it all started with the emotions.

I would just seem very edgy and at home on Friday the day of my scan I came home and sat on the coach and started crying, for no reason at all.  It was very strange because they did tell me that my hormones would be all over the place and I would get very emotional.

I know this is only the start of this process and I know things will get much worse emotionally.  It doesn’t help that I am very sensitive in general and this medication has made me into a blubbering sook.  I have said that to my self after the big cry.

I guess you should try to think with your head and realise that it is your mood changing due to the drugs and not really you.  This is how I have been able to control these outbursts happening at work. 

My gynaecologist will be at the clinic on Wednesday so he can take a look himself at the scan.  I will be instructed what course of action to take next at that time.   Until then I have to grab my husband and go for it (you all know what I mean).  This has been the fun part of all of this.

We both have been trying to have an open mind and use laughter to get us through all the pressure we are under.  It works some days and other it doesn’t.  We are doing out best but it has been so hard to try to stay calm, especially with me on this medication. 

I have been trying to think of this as step one, and not deal with step two until we have to.  I guess this is why I am doing ok and not lost my mind completely.    More details as they happen.

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