Obesity and Pregnancy


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In Natural News [dot] com they have an article that basically says that if a mother to be is obese that she is putting health problems from her obesity onto her self and more importantly her unborn child.  They are asking, is this a form of child abuse?

This article greatly concerned me because not only am I obese but I am trying to get pregnant and it is very distressing to think that people out there are thinking these sort of things. 

The fact is that unless you are obese you really have no idea how hard it is to lose the weight, and if you somehow mange to lose it, it is a whole other thing trying to keep it off.  And sometimes it is a medical problem that makes it difficult no matter what you do to lose it.

There are so many articles online that state this or that and it is very scary to think that your weight could cause harm to your baby.  This information is freaking me out.   Ezine Articles have given us this article by Beverley Brooks. 

It contains all the things we should know before falling pregnant if we are overweight or obese.  Not to mention the things that can go wrong, not only for you but also your baby.   They also have some good links that you can look at in the bottom of the page of that article.  Well worth a read.

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28 thoughts on “Obesity and Pregnancy

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  3. The only way you can manage obesity is throught Proper Diet and lots of exercise. The human body is designed for work so we should always get some form of physical exercise to stay fit.


  4. Obesity and diabetes is a growing problems nowadays. It is caused by todays lifestyle which does not involve lots amount of exercise. Most people are just happy sitting in their office chair and they do not even want to sweat.


  5. Obesity is a growing health problem these days because people are too lazy to do some extra exercise and they eat too much. i always exercise and do cardio regularly to maintain a healthy weight.


    1. Hi Kaye
      Are you obese? Have you ever been obese? That is great that you do that, but you shouldn’t judge people that you don’t know or that you just don’t know enough about their situation or health restrictions.


  6. Obesity is really an epidemic these days. People have become very lazy and does not want to exercise anymore. I do a lot of jogging and brisk walking everyday just to be fit and healthy.


  7. here in Philippines, obesity is also becoming a problem. More and more children are getting obese due to a lifestyle that is not fully of physical activities. most kids just wants to watch TV, play computer games and surf the net.


    1. Hello Jimmy,

      thanks for commenting on my site, that is very interesting to hear that your country also has obesity.



  8. Obesity and diabetes are becoming more and more of a problem these days. Actually it is easy to avoid being overweight by just having the proper diet and exercise.


  9. more people are becoming obese these days because of too much junk food and too much sugar in snacks and fast foods. “


  10. Thank you for that – I did know that, but what you don’t know is that sometimes you have health issues that no matter how much your exercise and how much you watch what you eat you can’t lose weight. I think you need to be a little more aware of the different reasons people are obese, and sometimes they just can’t help it.


    1. I agree, however that isn’t always the case as sometimes people have illness that makes them obese and no matter what they do they can’t shed those kilos. The line you have stated I have heard a million times before and probably from thin people whom really don’t know what they are talking about. But thank you for your comments.


    1. Hello there, thank you I will check them out. Sorry didn’t reply sooner have not been on my site for ages.
      Hope you continue to visit the site.


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