My Journey of discovery – part 5


Photo credit: Cindytoo

By the way I have lost another 100gm this week.  Also I have changed my work out by adding more things in there.  Well not me but my lovely personal Trainer Julie.  I tried the new program for the first time today, couldn’t do all of it and misunderstood one exercise and ended up lifting 6kg weights on each hand.  It was a bonus.  I tried using the cross trainer and I almost killed my self on it.

Haven’t done real well on the food front but am still trying very hard.  It has been really hard to find things that are healthy and that my husband likes too.  I am so busy and tired now that I just can’t be bothered cooking two meals.

Even though I feel I haven’t made a big progress I know that most of what I am feeling right now is not me being negative but all to do with the drugs that I am on.  It has really messed with my feelings a lot more than I expected them too.

The last thing I want right now is to feel like I want to give up.  I haven’t yet and hopefully I will have the strength to get my @#$% together.  Excuse the French people but I am trying to stay very calm and not doing a very good job of that.

My clothes are still getting loose on me and that has cheered me up a little.  Not to mention that if I was in the right frame of mind right now I would be happier about the result and more focused on what will happen next week. 

I am off to the Gym tomorrow and will do my best to get all that aggression out of my system and come home and just relax and gather my thoughts.

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My Name is Katly and I run my own size clothing and accessories store and also offer sewing classes and hemming service. I love to sew and challenge myself with different projects.

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