Me about 8 weeks ago

Me the first weigh & measure in I had at Fernwood

When I first weighed in I was around 150kg this is what I looked like.  I am taking a new photo next week so hopefully you will see the slight change in my body.  Please feel free to comment on this, your opinion is valued.  I have been struggling with the eating allot the last few weeks.  This whole baby thing has taken it’s toll on me and I am not happy how it has made me feel both physically and emotionally. 

I am doing more Gym work and will make a concious effort to eat more healthy and not pig out on junk food.  Unfortunately I am one of those people who is an emotional eater.  It is like someone takes over my body and mind and then I wake up the next morning and think to myself what have I done?  It will be the most difficult thing to change and control – I have made a lot of progress but I would have lost more weight if I could control myself.  (Am working on it). 

Any encouragment you can give me will help.  I need help with this that is for sure.

Ill post more next week when I get the photos, I will also have measurements for you as well as an overall weight loss.

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My Name is Katly and I run my own size clothing and accessories store and also offer sewing classes and hemming service. I love to sew and challenge myself with different projects.

7 thoughts on “Me about 8 weeks ago

  1. Katly, I wish you all the success in the world and you will acheive it little by little as time goes on and before you know it, you’ll be wondering where the other half of you went. You are going through a very difficult time right now and it is understandable to experience set backs in times like these. The most important thing is to let it run its appropriate course and to take control of your eating the best way you can. You know that the most important thing for you to do is to reach your healthy weight and although it certainly takes time, you will get there if you keep at it and keep consistent.

    Unfortunately, I am not able to keep up and read all the the blogs and sites that I would like. These days I am finding it hard to just keep up with my life. Stay strong and you will find inspiration in yourself when you realize what circumstances you were able to overcome.


  2. Good Luck! I am about to start my own “program” too.
    Like you, I want to learn to control myself when the emotions roll in. Even moreso, I want to be active…that’s the worst part for me…but I’m gonna push.

    I wish you all the luck in the world and I’m sure you’ll see results. *hug*


  3. Thanks very much Dale. I wish you all the luck and success with your journey, if you ever need to talk or just someone to listen I will always be here.


  4. You are a fantastic inspiration for all women and men!
    Your cheer squad is standing by… you can do this!
    So proud of you, and thanks so much for the great write up!

    Just remember you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to!!!!


  5. Hey Kat, checked out your site it’s great. I have a site for you to check it’s great for tracking your calories in a diary as well as working out your exercise calories. There are a lot of people to chat to also. Keep up the good work, just remember Stay healthy, Move right and Think thin! Cheers.


  6. Hi Mama
    I am trying to be healthy and stay that way for life. Don’t know how long it will take and don’t know how many more set backs will occur but I know one thing and that is that I am doing this for me. You are welcome hope you liked the article I wrote on you.


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