Doing really WELL

Photo credit: Aloshbennett 

Ladies I had my weigh in and measure up last night and it went very well.  I have in total lost 3.9 kg in weight, 4.0 kg in fat mass, and a whopping 13 cm off my whole body.  I was so happy to hear that even though I have had hiccups with food (a lot) and getting sick and not being able to exercise I still managed to lose weight every week, however small amount it was.

Now I know I promised a photo update however that is happening next months measure up.  My Simplicity coach will take the phone and email it to me and then I can post it up.  I am also getting a little stronger and not getting so upset about the baby thing.  I think I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am physically and mentally in no condition to carry a baby, not to mention all the health risks for the baby whilst carrying him/her.

So this means that I can concentrate on myself a lot more and be happy with my successes in my weight loss journey.  I am very proud of myself and I know my husband is proud of me too, he has been very supportive of what I am doing, I love him for that.

So until the next time stay tuned for more good news I hope.


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