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Last week I did a class at Fernwood called Yogilates; it was a fantastic class to relax after a long week.  The definitions of both Yoga and Pilates are as per below.  If you haven’t joined Fernwood yet I recommend it because you will get support from the staff and other Gym goers.

Definition of Yoga from Yoga (dot) org (dot) NZ in simple terms.

Definition of Pilates from Answers (dot) com

By putting both practices together you get the benefits of both Yoga and Pilates which I found complement each other very well.  You may also think that doing this exercise is for slackers, well let me tell you, you work every muscle in your body and you even sweat.

By stretching and learning how to breathe you really get in tune with your own body.  As many of us experience the hustle and bustle of everyday life this class is perfect for those who just need to take a break for themselves.  Relax the body and relax the mind.  Highly recommended by myself – and for those of you that think you are too overweight or too old well you are wrong.  I am still 146 kg and I could do it, only two exercises that I couldn’t do but there is always an alternative to every exercise. 

Yogilates provided by yogilates.com will give you everything you will need to know about the exercise.   

For your nearest location of classes please check your local directories and or Municipal centers.

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