Handbags a fashion statement 2008

Pictures courtesy of Pauline Weston Thomas for Fashion-Era.com    


I am one of those women that loves her handbags, big ones, little ones and even weird looking ones.  Different colours and shapes and sizes, those hand bags that you take with you when there is a formal evening affair, a tote bag for the beach, every day bags and those colourful bags that match your outfit.


The latest spring and summer fashion for handbags in 2008 are amazing and you will see a lot of texture, colour and materials used, innovative ideas and bags that are truly functional and look fantastic.

You can find more great photos of handbags for 2008 in Pauline’s article


I know that most women have everything in their handbags that would blow men’s minds.  The make up, phone, phone book, PDA, wallet, sunglasses, notebooks – you name it we have it.  Do you ever find that your bag is getting bigger and heavier.  I have a tip for you, when you get a handbag for everyday, always only put in it what you need during the day. 

Don’t forget that you can change your bag for evening functions.  By bringing your evening clutch bag you can put your bits and pieces into it in the car before you get to your evening function. 

To change your look from office wear to eveningwear you only have to change your bag and shoes.  These items can be in your car waiting for you after work.  You can also put your hair up if it is long to make a more evening effect.   

You will find that a make up bag can fit in your handbag and you don’t have to lug your everyday bag to your evening function, it is quite a simple way to organize your days and nights with accessories like the one and only HANDBAG.  I love them and have many different types.

If you want to change your look this spring then buy some bags to match your outfits and you will bring some life into your wardrobe.  Remember try patterns, texture and colour, they are in now. 

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