The operation

I recently had my Gall Bladder removed and I wanted to tell you the entire story.  Because I am obese the hospital I was going to have the procedure done at ended up cancelling my operation because they didn’t have an intensive care unit.  And so I was transferred to another hospital that had one.  The reason for this is because I was obese and they wanted to take precautions because when you are obese all operations are that much more dangerous. 

They have to make sure that you are breathing properly and that your heart can withstand the amnestica.  I was at high risk.  This scared me to death because all I was thinking was that I would die on the operating table and I would have to leave my husband, my puppy Pebbles and my life as I know it.

I was lucky that I had keyhole surgery, however when they got my on the operating table they couldn’t find my Gall Bladder and so they had to do an X-ray or ultrasound whilst I was under.  In this case they had to do a bigger incision above my belly button.  This gives me pain to no end still after two weeks. 

I still have my bandages on from the operation they are not to come off till I see the surgeon in another week or so.  I am afraid to see the scares and the bruising was not pleasant to look at.  They put four incisions in my abdomen.   One above my belly button, another further up above that, one to the side diagonally from my belly button and one to the side of that one, this was the drainage incision.  I had a tube out of it with a small bag to hold the fluid that came out of me.  It was disgusting to know that fluid was coming out of your body.

It scared me to know that at some point that tube would have to be taken out.  I had a panic attack when it came out.  My chest tightened up and I thought I would pass out.  But luckily for me it didn’t hurt once removed and I was scared for nothing.  If you were anything like me you would have panicked too.

And so I have been at home recovering for the past one and a half weeks, and even though I am getting better, the larger cut above my belly button hurts and I have been told I look pale.  I know I have to go back to work soon, and also the Gym, but I am afraid, it is like I am a different person.  The Gym scares me because I will literally be starting all over again; all the hard work I put in has been in vain.

As for work, I have been away for a while and not sure what to expect.  But I am sure it will be ok.  The moral to my story is that when you are obese surgery can be a big issue, and it has just shown me that if I had only been thinner and started the Gym earlier, I am sure I would not be in as much pain as I am now. 

When I have fully recovered I will be back online and bring you more interesting articles to read.  I will keep you posted as to my progress and also how I go when I go back to the Gym.  PS Public hospitals are really not very nice to say the least, I didn’t even get a wheel chair to go out of the hospital, and I had to walk in excruciating pain.  It was not much fun because I was so emotional that I burst into tears.  I was also released overnight.  It was like a production line of operations.  One after the other and when you can eat without throwing up, you can go home.  They really need the beds.

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My Name is Katly and I run my own size clothing and accessories store and also offer sewing classes and hemming service. I love to sew and challenge myself with different projects.

3 thoughts on “The operation

  1. Dani, I don’t want to be a grasshopper aonmyre. I am fifty pounds overweight, with moderate persistant asthma, endometriosis, and skin problems. I have bad health. Any tips on how to lose weight? Also, my dream is to be a Mama. I met my husband five years ago on a Catholic Singles website. We have been trying to concieve for five years without success. We’ve been to doctors, tried to lose weight, and tried everything. No baby. I feel very sad and discouraged. I suffer from the spirits of gluttony, infertility, and discouragement. Could you please pray for me? Please? I am not sure how to pray and make my dream of being a Mama come true! I need to make more money so we can afford adoption. How can I make that come true? My birthday is coming up on Aug. 2nd. I will be 46 years old. Could you please pray for me to lose weight, for an increase in faith, and be able to be a Mama? My heart and arms ache to hold a child! Hope to hear from you! I have been praying to be a Mama for many years, but so far my prayers have been unanswered. What should I do? Also, where can I get a Bible? Thank you so much for any prayer, encouragement, ect. you can give me! I really appreciate it! I am so tired of being overweight, in bad health, and no children.


    1. Hi Carito
      I’m sorry for what you go through. I don’t have the answers on weight loss as I too struggle but I’ll pray for you.



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