Getting Married? Then get directed

Photo Credit – Jacqui Motoska

My Husband and I on our Wedding Day 14th October 2006

Getting married can be daunting to anyone, especially a plus size woman.  When I got married I was a size 28 Wedding dress.  I did look lovely so people told me however it was not that easy to find things that suited the plus sized woman.

The dress was only part of it, I had to think about undergarments and shoes and even seating at the reception that I could fit in.  In any case, if you are plus size and getting married refer to the directories below to assist you in finding what you need.  Some great sites that can give you everything from your dress and right down to the table cloths at the reception.


For the plus size woman you need to think about fit and what will be flattering.  All women thin or large get nervous before the Wedding, although naturally when you are overweight you have so much more to consider.  You want to look your best and at the same time not give up on a style because of your weight.  This includes makeup and jewellery and even your hairstyle.

Plus size bridal stores


If you are going to get married in a Church her is a list of churches around Australia and even overseas.


We all want to make the reception look amazing and special, here are some sites and directories to look at to help you with this big decision.  Check out the venues that are great value for money and always compare what the venue offers in the price.

Wedding central








Photo credit: cupcaketastic

You can get married and not have an amazing cake; if you ever watched that movie “Because I said so” you will agree that the cake in the Wedding scene was amazing.  It was like 101 Dalmatians.  Rent the movie and you will see for yourself or take a look at the link above.  After all you want to make a statement about who you are and put your personal style to it – lets get creative girls.

 Cake recipes if you want to go it alone, or you may want to consult the professionals like:

 Elegant Occasions

 Directory – Bride online Victoria

 PS – Oakleigh Quality Cakes I do not recommend, my mother was dying in hospital and so we didn’t know what was going to happen – the whole Wedding may have been cancelled at a drop – so we cancelled the reception and tried to cancel the cake for which we paid for in full – they did absolutely nothing in regards to preparing the cake and they kept $180.00 of the $500 odd dollars I paid for themselves.  This was even after my explaining my mother’s situation.  I was horrified to think that someone would take the money off someone whom this was happening to.  As I rule I tell everyone not to go to them, not because the cakes are not nice but simply because they were too money hungry and not very sympathetic to my situation – one I classed as extreme.

 The Wedding Directory

 House of Elegant Cakes

I could go much more into details however the directories I have chosen will really give you all you will ever need.  Here is a list of things you may need and I can assure you that they are all in the directories.

 ¨      Bridal gown

¨      Lingerie

¨      Groom’s Suit

¨      Groomsman

¨      Bridesmaid

¨      Mother of Bride

¨      Father of Bride

¨      Mother of Groom

¨      Father of Groom

¨      Flowers

¨      Cakes

¨      Receptions

¨      Jewellery

¨      Hair

¨      Make up

¨      Invitations

¨      Thank you cards

¨      Gift ideas

¨      Honeymoon

¨      The rings

¨      Cars

¨      Catering

¨      Hiring of equipment

¨      Churches

¨      Celebrants 

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3 thoughts on “Getting Married? Then get directed

  1. hey cake i love this section
    the picture of that cake looks yummm lol…
    you and rob look so perfect in that picture..
    sorry for invading your blog i was just bored at home..
    have a nice w.e and dont get to drunk on sat lol..
    see you monday
    xx laura 🙂


  2. Now Laura you know you don’t have to apologise for visiting my site, you are welcome anytime you like. PS I didn’t even drink on Saturday, but had a fantastic night anyway. Take care and come visit soon.


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    It takes hard work and patience to take great wedding photos, but then remember they
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