Tips on portion size and staying on track


Photo Credit: Prevention Information Centre @ RMC

Lately due to illness and just being slack I have completely come off the tracks to my goals.  I have been slack at the Gym, not really trying hard enough with my food intake and generally not really inspired to go any further.  So I read on Spark People 25 tips to stay on track today and wanted to share this with you too.  They make sense and are pretty good to just print off and place on your fridge or office wall. 

This way you get to actually look at them and not have them stashed away in a folder or left under a pile of papers on your desk.  I know for me the portion sizes are a big hassle but I still need to learn how to do this and be ok with it in order to get to my goals.  Below are some links to portion charts, and tips of how to stay fuller longer.  I found these on Spark People; I thought that they would assist with this very issue.  Very helpful and informative, use it as a guide so you don’t slip up.  I am placing this on my pantry door.

The Portion Distortion Guide

Tips To Stay Full Longer

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