When losing weight isn’t enough to cure your bad thoughts

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I was reading a post by 101 reasons I hate being fat and I was horrified to say she was absolutely right about this post she wrote.  It is funny that even when you lose weight your mind still thinks you are the same weight as you were before.  I myself have done this, recently. 

She points out the obvious that this type of hysteria is in your mind, which leads me to even more so believe that obesity is a disease and an emotional thing rather then a medical physical thing.

Most of the reasons why people are overweight are usually an emotional thing that has happened to them.  Be it at child hood or a divorce, perhaps some trauma in your life.  What really gets me is that it is so built into your mind and heart that even when you lose weight you still feel fat. 

People do pick on you, even when you are doing what 101 says she did at the coffee shop.  The fact is people are cruel and what they say and do really effects you and this is why you can’t let it go. I do believe that a lot of people will lose weight and be very happy but the others will still have those same thoughts. 

You know the ones where you feel like people are watching you, but this time they are watching other fat people and you see this and it will infuriate you.  So even though you feel better, dress like a million bucks – in the back of your mind you are still fat.  You are vulnerable and still scared despite of it all.  Sometimes your confidence is an act and you can’t stop this feeling.

Do you need a Psychiatrist?  Maybe you do because you can’t let this feeling go.  You need to process all the issues in your past to try to find a way to finally deal with them and then deal with the fact that you were fat and it isn’t your fault.  You were caught up in a world wind of emotional garbage. 

I know this young girl who lost all her weight and became a gym instructor, she still feels scared that she will go back to her old ways.  She is even paranoid that she looks terrible and she can’t allow her self to relax to enjoy her life because if she does she might put weight on again.

This is no way to live, after all life is meant to be interesting and fun and adventurous, not filled with doubt and feelings of fear.  So I guess what I am trying to say here is that we can all lose weight but can we all deal with out demons on our own?  That is the question you need to ask yourself.

If the answer is yes then you are on the road to recovery, if the answer is no then try to find an outlet, a councilor, a priest, a doctor, a friend – I am not sure but I do know that things will seem a lot clearer if you talk to someone who can listen to your fears and foes. 

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2 thoughts on “When losing weight isn’t enough to cure your bad thoughts

  1. Wish I had the answer you want. truth is you’ve got to be prrapeed to stick at a new way of living permanently otherwise you will just join the thousands that yo-yo, losing a bit then sticking it back on.All the fad diets and exercise trends are short lived and so is the weight loss that comes with them. The truth is that our modern lifestyles just don’t fit with our body programs. Our bodies like to conserve energy and store any excess as fat. it comes from the times when food was not so plentiful and we all had a lifestyle that burned calories.Now we eat processed food the manufacturers stuff the food with additives, sugar and fat to make it taste good and set up an addictive cycle getting you to crave more.Food is plentiful and eating is part of our social lifeWe drive everywhere and most of our work is not so physical.The result is we pile on excess pounds and find it difficult to lose itTry to change by choosing fresh food whenever possible. Cut down your portion sizes it helps to get a smaller plate. Reduce the amount of sugar you eat. Try to eat your biggest meal at lunch-time so that you don’t go to bed and spend the night converting all those calories into fat. If you are feeling hungry between meals have a glass of water and wait a while. often we mistake thirst for hunger. If you still feel hungry after half an hour go for something healthy fruit is goodTake exercise regularly. Brisk walking is great, but you could take up the gym or swimming or join a sports club.Our bodies will try to find a way to carry out any exercise using the least calories. you can beat this by mixing it up. Try to alter the exercise you do each day and vary the intensity. Start off moderate then do a burst of really hard then go back to moderate. This will maximise the calories you burn and raise your metabolic rate so you go on burning after you stop exercising.The most important thing is to stick at it. you will look and feel great when you start losing weight


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