Lap Band Surgery

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If you have tried everything that you can think of to lose weight and have failed perhaps you can look into getting lap band surgery.  I like many out there have really struggled to lose the weight.  I have tried the gym, I have tried pills and diets, and even drugs from the doctor, meal replacement, you name it I have tried it.

I am currently trying to do the research for the lap band to see if this is something that I may be willing to give a go.  It is really not about looking good, or sexy or thin – it is for me to lose weight so that maybe I could fall pregnant.   Also I just want to be able to feel fit again and do the things that I can’t do now.

So if you need information for Australians please look to the links above and below and talk to your local doctor about it, perhaps go to a seminar.  For people in Melbourne please refer to the link for information and locations.

There are also support groups available to you before and after your surgery which will assist you in handling the process emotionally.  We all need help sometimes to weigh through our thoughts and feelings, after all you would be having a surgery and I am sure it won’t be the most pleasant thing you deal with in your life. 

Good luck to you all and if anyone has a story about their surgery please email me or comment at the end of this post.

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5 thoughts on “Lap Band Surgery

  1. Hi!
    I have a lap band and it was placed in August 2007. Since then I have lost 80 kilos, my starting weight was 165 kilos.
    I got the band for the same reasons that you have said – I wanted to get pregnant. I have a son (5) who was made from clomid when I weighed 139 kilos.

    To be honest I’m a little disapointed 😦 Not with my band in anway it was done its job and I love it. But im sad with the fact that I did three IUI cycles last year with FSH injections…..all I was left with was a huge cyst on my right ovary. For years of 2003 to 2007 I was told it’s your weight that is not letting you get pregnant go do something about it. So I did.

    But I haven’t had much luck and I know it’s come down to my PCOS. Maybe Im a one off case where weight loss hasnt help at all..

    My periods are every much like clock work, and no where as heavy and only last 4 to 5 days. This one really positive thing that I have had out of lossing my weight.

    At the start of this year I went to MIVF and now have been told that we will need to do ICSI to fall pregnant, but of course no saying that it work too and end in a pregnancy. The cost it self is off putting at almost $7000 up front.

    I’m taking this year off. Well apart from some clomid that I got in Thailand 😛 Mind you I ovulated on it too…but no pregnancy.

    Im planning on getting a boob job and tumm tuck in November. Maybe next year I will be mentally strong enough to get back on the roller coaster.

    Please keep us updated 🙂


  2. Hi Kellie, thanks very much for your comments on this post. I am glad that you wrote to me. I don’t think my husband and I are able to do IVF because of the cost as well as the emotional impact on me and both of us. I guess some people just can’t handle it. I am one of them. As for the lap band – I am thinking and thinking that I should give it ago, although I am very scared to go through surgery again. Last August I got my Gall Bladder out and have not had an easy time of it since. How much did your lap band surgery cost you?


  3. Hey ya!

    I saw Prof Paul Obrien
    He was amazing, his bed side manner was perfect! All the follow up care is all on medicare, so you are never out of pocket which is something to think about. The centre is great and they treat you like a normal person. I normally see Caroline for my fills.

    If you ever wanted to catch up, im only in werribee happy to show off my op scars 🙂

    All up including private health cover 12 months before the Op, it was $4300, the op it self was only $3060. It was very in reach for me and it has done wonders it really has.

    As for IVF I know all to well about the emotional impact and it sucks 😦


  4. Katly,

    I sympathize with you greatly with your struggles with trying to become pregnant. I know how badly you want it. I never try to tell people “do this” or “do that” because what is right for one is rarely exactly right for another.

    Having said that I want to encourage you not to give up with your weight loss efforts. You have said in your post the different ways you have tried to lose weight. You said, “I have tried the gym, I have tried pills and diets, and even drugs from the doctor, meal replacement, you name it I have tried it.”

    I would encourage you to take each of those attempts and find a common link of why they did not work. In my experience, it often is in consideration of the long road ahead to get to the goal vs. the inevitable burn out of motivation and non-sustainability of those methods. I hate platitudes, but it does all come down to calories in vs. calories out. Exercise alone is usually not enough. Nutrition is PARAMOUNT first and for most. Treat your body with the utmost respect and feed it foods that are healthy. You want your future child(ren) to be born in a body that is as healthy as it can be, right? Lap band surgery or not.

    It is ESSENTIAL that you surround yourself with an environment that is conducive to a sustainable lifestyle that you can live with.

    I know exactly what if feels like to feel defeated by weight loss efforts and to feel like the end is so far away that I just couldn’t possibly “keep it up” but the fact is, to obtain healthy and sustainable weight loss it must come from adopting a healthy lifestyle and following it consistently. I’m not saying that you have to be perfect at it, just that it has to be fairly consistent. I certainly do not follow that rule 100% of the time, but during the bulk of my weight loss i DID! It WAS my priority and everything else was second. I wanted it and I wanted it most of all, so it was #1 on my list. I found a way to make it work. In fact, it seemed easy to do so when I did that.

    I’m not going to tell you NOT to get the lap band surgery, but it is not something I ever would have considered.


    1. Angie, I appreciate your comments, I needed to hear what you have to say. I have decided not to go with Lap Band surgery because I have weighed up the pros and cons and decided that there must be another way. You are right in what you say I guess I just really flew off the track and now trying to find my way back to what I know to the right way of doing things.

      I got myself one of those calorie counter books and am going to put together a menu for myself to follow. This could very well help me acheive some good results. I am also back at the gym as of last week and it is going well. I haven’t given up just really lost my way. Thank you very much for your support.!! You are an inspiration to me.


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