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I was looking over Angie All The Way’s blog the other day and it suddenly dawned on me that all of her food that is displayed looks absolutely fantastic.  So presentation may be the key to healthy eating too.  If you make a dish and slop it in your plate or use ugly crockery the food is just food, but if you use your nice white dinner plates and present the food well you have a masterpiece.

How to cook gourmet will show you how you can present your food.  I believe that if you can make healthy food look interesting you are more likely to enjoy it and stick to it.  Have you ever steamed some vegetables and thought how bland they are, why not try to sprinkle some oregano on them with a pinch of sea salt.  You will be amazed how well it tastes and gives the vegetables some texture too.

Here is an interesting insight of how to steam your vegetables and a handy video, there is definitely a knack to it and after all you don’t want soggy vegetables for dinner, nothing worse than that.  It would be any wonder you dove off the couch for that packet of chips in the cupboard.   

So next time you are in the kitchen and trying to think of something healthy to cook, remember healthy doesn’t have to be boring and there are many websites you can find to help you with presentation, perhaps for your next dinner party.

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My Name is Katly and I run my own size clothing and accessories store and also offer sewing classes and hemming service. I love to sew and challenge myself with different projects.

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