New Start

Hello All

I wanted to say that I had a big response for the interview I did with BGM Models, it was great to do and I wanted to thank Darrianne and the girls for taking part.

In the next few months I will be experimenting with video posts, I have a very special relative that will be helping me with this and the aim is to do a series.

It is no secret that my weight loss journey has completely failed, I have stopped going to the gym, I have gained 20 kilograms and am not only back to square one but back a few more squares.

Everything went belly up and I became very depressed with everything that happened to me and also my not getting pregnant has taken its toll on me.  I don’t know what will happen next but I think I am ready to start again.

I hope you all keep on supporting me and please comment – I treasure all your comments as it helps me get through the day at times.  The other times it just puts a glimmer of hope back into my life.

You may know the very inspirational Angie all the way, I read her blog every day and whilst she didn’t help me to keep going, at the same time she gave me that glimmer of hope to start again.

These video posts are a new project that I want to work on and I think it will be great for me to get stuck into something and at the same time I think that you all will be interested and inspired by them as they will be real and show my inner strength, that I lost for a while but am getting back now.

Till then please continue to come and visit me any time and remember you can always email me.  I would love to hear from you.

Published by Katlyplus

My Name is Katly and I run my own size clothing and accessories store and also offer sewing classes and hemming service. I love to sew and challenge myself with different projects.

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