Low Gi (Glycemic Index) Diet


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There has been extensive research into Low Gi (Glycemic Index) and how it affects our body with weight loss.  PCOS is common in women and the experts have associated a Low Gi diet as a great way to combat weight loss, Diabetes and of course PCOS.  For me personally I am trying to incorporate some recipes that you would cook everyday and convert them into Low Gi meals.

You can search the Low Gi database in the link above to obtain your favourite recipes with Low Gi in mind.  I am taking my own advice and doing just that.  My weight struggle has been a long and heat breaking battle.  I have tried everything under the sun to lose weight, change my lifestyle and just generally be healthy.  I have also been diagnosed with PCOS and it has definitely not helped me to lose weight. 

Every case is different and in my case it has been very difficult to manage my eating patterns, not to mention the constant pressure I have to try to fall pregnant.  It has been like a vicious circle.  I have read a few books on Low Gi and found that it may just assist me in losing weight, and ultimately fall pregnant.

Another great book to read on Low Gi is (Gi Feel Good – Health & Weight loss) by John Ratcliffe Dip. TCM, Grad Dip Psy.  Very interesting reading as well as great recipes and food charts with Gi numbers beside them, just like the chart on www.glycemicindex.com with high, medium and low Gi as a guide.  This book gives you an insight that you may not have even thought about but explains the ins and outs of the process.

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4 thoughts on “Low Gi (Glycemic Index) Diet

  1. Hi Katly,
    Following a low GI diet is definitely something which can help with your PCOS. I’ve written a little about low GI and PCOS in the past, but perhaps I need to return to it again.

    If you have any questions, let me know, I’d love to help.


  2. Hi Melanie, I would be interested to see what else you can come up with on Low Gi. Thanks for the comments.


  3. Hi, Cindy! It sure can’t hurt I’ve read nothing but povstiie reactions on PCOS message boards from the gals who stick with a low-glycemic diet. The beginning is the hardest with these diets the hunger and getting into a new routine of food choices. After the first week or two, the sailing is much smoother. I wish you the best!!


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