Smoking affecting your fitness efforts?

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Most people that smoke don’t really know what the cigarettes are doing to them. All they know is that they enjoy it and find it a calming and enjoyable experience. Non-smokers on the other hand find it totally repulsive to say the least. Recently 3 weeks ago I quit smoking and it has been quite an ordeal let me tell you. The cravings at times when you smoke were like someone was plucking out my eyelashes. It was horrible to deal with.

The good news is that what I didn’t realise is that due to my weight I thought I couldn’t be active because of that, however what I discovered is that the other day I went to the shopping centre ( I haven’t been for about 1 year), I would avoid them like the plague. I simply dreaded walking around. Now what happened to me this weekend was remarkable, I decided to go and do my shopping and actually wanted to walk around – even if I was in pain doing so. When I got there and walked around I was not in pain and found that I was less out of breath than usual.

This was a miracle in my eyes as firstly I didn’t think I could ever quit the smokes but what was even more remarkable then doing that was the fact that I WALKED, it was exhilarating and made me feel like I was a part of society again and very alive. It was just great and then I started thinking what other things I could do, like walking at the park, walking on the beach with my husband (whom doesn’t ever suggest going anywhere he thinks I could not handle) would have been so proud of me and to see me doing the normal things in life and enjoying it, that would be the main thing.

So the thing is I actually owe this all to quitting, now here comes the bad news and please don’t fault me on this, just listen.

So, whilst I was at the shopping centre doing the shopping I lost my EFT card and when I was at the supermarket paying for my groceries I found that I couldn’t find my card anywhere. So I was thinking what did I do with it, what, what? As I walked into the shopping centre I stopped at the EFT machine to check my balances and what did silly me do, I’ll tell you what I did, I left my card in the machine and took the paper balance sheet.

So whilst I did walking around the shopping centre and enjoying it I was now stressed that I lost my card. I was lucky I had a credit card to pay for the groceries. The bank called my mobile and asked that I call them back. When I was in my car I was on hold for what seemed an eternity and I still didn’t get through. So I thought I will just go home and deal with it then.

When I got home I told my husband what happened and he told me immediately that the police called our house asking me to pick my card up at the police station. As it turned out someone (anonymous) dropped it off at the police station, what a lovely person that is whoever it is. No money was taken and I got my card back, I really needed to pay some bills. When I got my card back I tried using the teller machine but it rejected my request. I rang the bank again and finally got through and they unblocked my card thank God.

Now here is the bad part, I was so stressed at the thought of losing my whole monthly wage that I was shaking and in turn went and bought some cigarettes. I know I know you must be saying, but I have actually been smoking since I got home and all weekend. I realise this has just ruined all the hard work I did for those three weeks and it will be hard to try quitting again, but I think that I can do it again.

So the morel of the story is that you can do anything if you put your mind to it, and quitting smoking will give you more than just clear lungs it will give you your energy back and the will to get out of your comfort zone well that is what happened with me.  Now they say that anyone person can try to give up at least 7 times before actually giving up for good and that each time gets easier and each time you go without smoking for longer.  This is my second attempt.   Wish me luck for my next attempt.

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My Name is Katly and I run my own size clothing and accessories store and also offer sewing classes and hemming service. I love to sew and challenge myself with different projects.

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