Cyber Crimes

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Many of us love using the internet to Google and shop online etc.; however my personal experience has been that sometimes websites you visit SCAM people who put their trust in those websites and you will inevitably lose money.  Some of the checks you can make are listed below but are not always a guarantee that they are safe sites.

    • Check to see if there is HTTPS:// at the start of the  website
    • Contact information
    • Read the fine print
    • Check forums
    • Check Fraud websites to see if they are listed on it

The websites listed on have been contacted and I have purchased from most of them personally and haven’t had any problems.  If you are unsure at any time please contact me by email at and tell me your concerns and I will double check those sites out.  If you are still unsure use them at your own risk or pay them the old fashioned way by money order or bank cheque.

I recently Googled a website for movies, I didn’t want to download illegally so I tried to find some site that you pay a fee and then you can legally watch these movies online.  Even after I checked this site out using the above checklist I still got scammed out of $AUD42.00.  The thing that made me most upset is that this site is now no longer in existence so there is no place I can go and contact these people.

I also had to be on hold for 30 minutes to my bank to put a stop on the card and have this replaced.  So let’s recap here: I lost money, I can’t watch these movies anymore, I wasted 1 hour all up on the phone with my bank putting a stop on my card, and as it turns out I think these scum bags will get away with it.

All I wanted to do was watch a few movies legally online and I got more then I bargained for.

For Australian Residents if you are unsure about a site please got to this Australian website that the government has set up as SCAMWATCH.

Australian readers use

USA reader’s use


I couldn’t find an International site so I have used the FBI site for international as they have partners around the world which could assist you in cyber-crimes or at least point you in the right direction.

I guess the lesson for today is look into getting one of those VISA debit cards that you get in the post office which isn’t linked to your bank that you can use online.  This way if you need to purchase something online you can put money into this account at the Australia Post and you won’t be jeopardising your accounts at the bank, so if you have to lose money it won’t be your life savings.

If you have any other fraud sites that you would like to share please email me and I would be happy to post them as a follow up.

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