Living with obesity 


In a world that promotes only the beauty in people that is deemed to be acceptable in the form of the way you look, your weight, the colour of your hair etc, it is alarming to me how many people just don’t understand obesity.  I myself am obese and in my case I also have PCOS.  The issues I have are weight gain, unwanted hair, fatigue, unable to sleep, brain fog and cravings at night.

This all contributes to the obesity, on top of all of this I have had some injuries to my calf muscle when I tore it and fallen a few times and twisted my knee, all on the same leg.  My mobility isn’t the best and so when people say obese people are just lazy and they should diet and exercise it infuriates me because for me its not that simple.

I have tried countless times to diet and exercise to no avail.  In four months I lost 5 kg and this was with doing vigorous exercise.  The cravings didn’t stop, my body just can’t help but want to eat sweets or savoury food snacks at night.  I feel physically ill if I don’t eat when this occurs.  I am not saying that there is no hope, or that I could probably manage this all better than I do, but people need to understand that what is hard for a normal person is 10 times harder for someone like me because of the PCOS.

When people say that obese people just need to exercise, have you ever tried to exercise when you carry so much weight, not to mention when you do carry a lot of weight it is impossible to do the exercise the way its meant to be done.  Obese people often don’t fit into the machines at the gym, they get ridiculed for exercising, they get ridiculed for eating at restaurants, they don’t get jobs, they get put into a box of basically the lowest pool of people on earth.

Instead of doing all of this, why don’t people support us when we are trying to do something good like exercise, when people have said we are lazy and need to exercise –  support us don’t ridicule us.   It has been hard when people in your own family don’t understand and tell you the same thing, exercise just a little.  In my case when I have tried to go for a short walk, I end up injuring my ankle, calf, or something and then I am laid up again, its a vicious cycle.  I guess I am sick of explaining myself and feel that if people can’t understand they need to do research and find out  what it is like being obese or having a disease that prevents you from losing weight like a normal person.


Published by Katlyplus

My Name is Katly and I run my own size clothing and accessories store and also offer sewing classes and hemming service. I love to sew and challenge myself with different projects.

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