Which Sewing Machine Needles do I use?

When I started sewing I had no idea that different needles were required for different applications in sewing. I soon found out that a universal needle was terrible for chiffon, or stretch fabric. I ended up buying a whole heap of different needles for different applications and now have my own collection of needles. Mine here in this picture are Schmetz brand just to show you what I have and how I have stored them. I purchased this little storage container from Wish.

Which needle do I use?

Here is a link to a brochure that explains the different types of needles and what they are used for.

I went to the Klasse website and have this link which explains the different types of needles to use when creating your projects with different fabrics. It’s a general guideline but I think it will help all the newbies in the sewing world a great deal. You can even print this out and have it handy by your machine or stick it somewhere in your sewing area.

I have used this link from the Klasse website to give you a more detailed insight into which needles you should use with different fabrics and projects.

Why is my machine skipping stitches?

There could be a host of issues with your sewing that is caused by the wrong needle being used, bent needles, or blunt needles, this link will help you troubleshoot these issues and give you a possible resolution. Here are some general tips for you to take into consideration when these issues arise, and the resolution. Sometimes the issue is tension, rethreading needed, fluff stuck in your bobbin case and the worst one of all is if your timing it out in which case its a trip to the sewing machine doctor for you. 9 times out of 10 it is a needle issue which is an easy fix.

Store your used needles….

My Voo-doo Pincushion in Pink and the Klasse needles all sponsored by Rubyjam Fabric except the leather needles (purchased elsewhere) Image to show you all the Klasse needles I have only.

The issue I had with storing older needles that were still ok to use again is that they would end up in my sewing box loose and after a week I had no idea which needle they were. See above how I now store my needles in my new pink voo-doo pincushion.

I then found this unique and brilliant tool at Rubyjam and it was a real game changer for me. I only started using it a week or so ago and already I have two needles in it. It’s the Voo-doo pin cushion dolls which are exclusive to Rubyjam Fabric. A great way to store your used needles. Simply put the type of needle in the spot marked with that type. Sometimes you haven’t used a needle for long and therefore it is still good to use at a later date for another project. I have one of these dolls and here is another picture of it in use. It’s truly the most innovative sewing tool I have found.

Pin Cushions

To get your Klasse sewing machine needles, follow this link to Rubyjam website – Rubyjam Fabric. Tamara at Rubyjam has kindly sent me some supplies to complete this post about sewing machine needles. You can find the Rubyjam range here. I have tested the 4mm twin needle on my Janome DC2150 and adjusted my tension to 2-3 and it worked beautifully. To make it look even better I upped the stitch length to 3.5. The brand of needles I am featuring today is the Klasse brand and I have tested all the needles that Tamara gave me above, excluding the Leather one, and I must say they did work great for me.

You will need to test which brand is right for the model of your machine if unsure ask at your local dealer or sewing shop.

I can only tell you what I personally experienced with this product on my machine, please make sure you check compatibility with your machine. A great way to do that is by contacting Klasse website and send them a message directly to find out compatibility with your machine.

Please note that the Klasse needles and Voo-doo pin cushion doll has been sponsored by Rubyjam Fabrics. They have been kindly issued to me to try and use for the purpose of this blog post. The leather needle was purchased elsewhere but you can purchase it at Rubyjam Fabric.

Sponsored by Rubyjam Fabric.

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