Active wear for the plus size woman

Photo credit: You all are aware that I have been going to the Gym and it occurred to me that I don’t have anything nice to wear for my work outs.  I have been drugging around in my track suits.  Not a good look I am sure, and so I decided to check outContinue reading “Active wear for the plus size woman”

When losing weight isn’t enough to cure your bad thoughts

Photo credit: Andrev1988 I was reading a post by 101 reasons I hate being fat and I was horrified to say she was absolutely right about this post she wrote.  It is funny that even when you lose weight your mind still thinks you are the same weight as you were before.  I myself haveContinue reading “When losing weight isn’t enough to cure your bad thoughts”

Getting Married? Then get directed

Photo Credit – Jacqui Motoska My Husband and I on our Wedding Day 14th October 2006 Getting married can be daunting to anyone, especially a plus size woman.  When I got married I was a size 28 Wedding dress.  I did look lovely so people told me however it was not that easy to findContinue reading “Getting Married? Then get directed”