Smoking affecting your fitness efforts?

Photo credit: quitsmokingtoday2010 Most people that smoke don’t really know what the cigarettes are doing to them. All they know is that they enjoy it and find it a calming and enjoyable experience. Non-smokers on the other hand find it totally repulsive to say the least. Recently 3 weeks ago I quit smoking and itContinue reading “Smoking affecting your fitness efforts?”

Camper Trailer Camping

My husband and I have recently bought a camper trailer, I can tell you that we have completely decked it out with a inner spring matteress, a kitchen with draws/sink and tap.  It is amazing.  We are going away for Easter to the beautiful Lakes Entrance in Victoria.  It will be our first offical tripContinue reading “Camper Trailer Camping”

Active wear for the plus size woman

Photo credit: You all are aware that I have been going to the Gym and it occurred to me that I don’t have anything nice to wear for my work outs.  I have been drugging around in my track suits.  Not a good look I am sure, and so I decided to check outContinue reading “Active wear for the plus size woman”