Smoking affecting your fitness efforts?

Photo credit: quitsmokingtoday2010 Most people that smoke don’t really know what the cigarettes are doing to them. All they know is that they enjoy it and find it a calming and enjoyable experience. Non-smokers on the other hand find it totally repulsive to say the least. Recently 3 weeks ago I quit smoking and itContinue reading “Smoking affecting your fitness efforts?”

Unique Day Spa – 12th Jan 2011

Photo credit : Katly Malgeri It was my birthday on the 12th of Jan and I had to most wonderful day ever.  I took the day off work and booked myself into, it was the most relaxing day of my life.   I went onto get the delux pedicure and a hydrobath with coconut milk. Continue reading “Unique Day Spa – 12th Jan 2011”

10+ Winter warmers

Photo credit: Wiffygal’s As the weather starts to get cold and winter approaches we all love to keep warm, and with food there isn’t much difference.  I have a great selection of winter warmers that will suit most tastes. Carrot and Ginger Soup Recipe Leek and Stilton Soup Recipe The Ultimate Pick Me Up SoupContinue reading “10+ Winter warmers”

Bubba’s Veggie Garden

Photo credit:  Andrecarol We consume so many foods and don’t really know what is in them; yes I am talking about fresh vegetables and fruits.  Chemicals are still used all over the world on crops.  As many of you already know I am married to a wonderful man who just so happens to have aContinue reading “Bubba’s Veggie Garden”