Pregnant, obese and worried about your baby being fat?

 Photo credit: Domain1  There has been a study made regarding overweight mums to be and their babies being prone to being overweight themselves when they grow up.  This is alarming to think that you could potentially be making your child unhealthy by you being overweight. Children born to overweight women are prone to Diabetes andContinue reading “Pregnant, obese and worried about your baby being fat?”

Difficulties in getting pregnant

Photo credit: Danusunt There are sometimes reasons for why a woman can’t get pregnant; I have found some information that may give you an insight into this subject.   How do you cope with this?  I don’t know how I am coping with it, as you may know I am personally going through this myself.  TheContinue reading “Difficulties in getting pregnant”

Australia: the World’s Fattest Nation??

Photo credit: qwurky I read an article on Dietriffic today and it was headlining Australia: the World’s Fattest Nation?  How can this be you ask well apparently we are overtaking the US spot for number #1 fatties.  The article in the link will give you a few tips of what to do to reduce theContinue reading “Australia: the World’s Fattest Nation??”