My Journey of discovery – part 5

  Photo credit: Cindytoo By the way I have lost another 100gm this week.  Also I have changed my work out by adding more things in there.  Well not me but my lovely personal Trainer Julie.  I tried the new program for the first time today, couldn’t do all of it and misunderstood one exerciseContinue reading “My Journey of discovery – part 5”

First Scan – Friday 18th April 2008

  Photo credit: Porkan Beans Well it is day 13 of my cycle.  I am feeling still bloated and a little sore.  My scan went ok, they found 2 eggs but they were still a little small.  I am due for another scan on Wednesday.  Hopefully this scan will show that they are big enoughContinue reading “First Scan – Friday 18th April 2008”