Katly’s Hemming Service

Katly’s Hemming Service offers basic alterations, pants, dress, skirt, top take-up of hem, school uniform dresses/pants, minor unraveled seam repair, new zip repair, memory quilt tops, and memory cushion covers. If you require anything other than what is listed please phone me or email me at katlyshemmingservice@gmail.com with specifics and I will be able to determine if it is something I can do. My hours are Monday to Thursday 10.30-2.30pm and Friday from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm.

My brochure

Re hem pants $15.00 AUD Re hem tops $15.00 AUD Re hem dress/skirt $25.00 AUD Repair seams $10.00 AUD Apply new zip $20.00 AUD Hand sew button $5.00 AUD School uniform 5 pant/dress rehem $55.00 AUD School uniform pants rehem x 2 $20.00 AUD School uniform dress/skirt x 2 $30.00 AUD
Memory Quilt Top only $350.00 AUD Memory Cushion Cover $50.00 AUD
Booking fees
After hours consultation fee $25.00 AUD
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