Katly’s Hemming Services

NOTICE: Till further notice I will suspend services at Katly’s Hemming Services due to the current Covid 19 virus. As soon as its safe to do so I will re-open all services on the Governments advice.

Book an appointment by clicking on the image below for a free consultation

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All appointments are only for 1 hour maximum to establish the details of work being done, this time is not included in the invoiced amount, it is classed as a free consultation. You are only charged the hourly rate for the actual work being done.

Katly’s Hemming Service offers basic hemming alterations – pants, dresses, skirts, tops, school uniform, minor unravelled seam repair. Services also include zip replacement, sewing memory quilt tops, and memory cushion covers. If you require anything other than what is listed please phone me or email me at katlyshemmingservice@gmail.com with specifics and I will be able to determine if it is something I can do. My hours are Monday to Thursday 10.30-2.30pm and Friday from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm.

My Brochure

Hourly Rate – Adhoc Sewing

Enquire about what you need to be sewn - I charge by an hourly rate and you will be emailed a time sheet of the work that is being done with timeline. All Invoices must be paid on receipt of invoice or prior to collection.


Memory Quilt top only

You give me your clothing/fabric required for a memory quilt and I will cut and sew together. My service only is only for sewing the top layer of the quilt. In order to get the wadding and backing piece you will need to speak to a Quilting specialist. I recommend https://www.lifetimequilting.com.au/ in Hoppers Crossing. Once I finish the top you simply book an appointment with Life Time Quilting for consultation about what other supplies you will need for the quilt and discuss what quilting sewing pattern will be applied. For further discussion please contact me.


Click this link to review Lifetime Quilting website.

Memory Cushion Cover

Bring your item of clothing and any other fabric and I can make you a memory cushion cover to fit your insert. I will need the insert to work off so purchase the desired size and bring that with you along with your item of clothing and any other contrasting fabric.


Re Hem pants

Shorten or lengthen pants eg. school pants, work pants, slacks. No leather, Jeans or faux leather.


Re Hem tops

Shorten or lengthen any top, tee, shirt (please note that I can only lengthen tops or any hem if there is some seam allowances on your garment to lengthen).


Re Hem Dress/skirt

Shorten hem on dress or skirt or lengthen if enough fabric available in garment to allow it.


Apply New Zip to pants, skirt or dress

Replace zip on garment - Customer purchases the zip. You will be advised how to measure existing zip for this booking.


Repair unravelled seams

Mend an unravelled seam on tops, pants, skirts, dresses or any other item. This price refers to only one seam repair, if you have more than one, the cost applies to each one.


SCHOOL Uniform value pack – Re Hem 5 items Pants/dress/skirt

Get your pants/shorts, skirts/dresses taken up in this value pack and your child will have their uniforms fitting correctly by the time school starts.


SCHOOL Uniform Re Hem 2 x pants

Get two pants re hemmed to the desired length.


SCHOOL Uniform Dress/skirt Re Hem x 2

Take up two school dresses or skirts to desired length.


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